Residential Carpeting in Decatur

From insulation, to comfort, to covering up that floor you hate—there are a lot of great reasons to install carpeting in your home. Carpet laying isn’t a job that just anyone can do. Different from picking up a rug at a local store and putting it on the ground, wall-to-wall carpet, or smaller custom carpeting needs to be suited perfectly to the room it is put in.

At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we’re passionate about providing that final design element that ties a whole room together. We’ve worked with hundreds of Decatur clients to get exceptional results, and have a history of assisting homeowners come up with unique design ideas that make their home magazine-ready.

The Look

When you’re working on the design of your room, achieving that ideal “look” can be difficult. A large part of reaching your goal is deciding on flooring and carpet. With endless patterns and colors, carpeting can be anything you need it to be!

Clean and Modern

A modern space doesn’t need shining tile or stone floors. Residential carpet with a tight, low pile, in stark white or black shades, can provide the perfect platform for your other modern design elements.


Make a statement with bold patterned carpeting. Animal print? Purple shag? Not necessarily tacky. You’d be surprised at how the team at Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair has been able to incorporate bold home carpet into the design of the rest of your room.


Give yourself some insulation and warmth without having your residential carpeting take over the entire room. The opposite of a statement piece, neutral carpeting works with the rest of the room to blend it together seamlessly.


Does your home have a romantic or old-world style? Add sumptuous carpeting and make your look more lush than ever. Carpet installation doesn’t have to be purely practical.

Residential Carpet That Suits Your Lifestyle

When you have us over to assess your space for home carpet installation, we’ll find out about your lifestyle and what material and style of carpeting suits it best.

Do you have pets? Children? A stain-resistant carpet with low pile will be able to take high amounts of traffic much more easily than a fibrous plush carpet.

If you’re looking for the eco-friendly option we’re happy to advise on that front as well. Carpets made from natural fibers have just as much variety as those which are not.

Efficient Home Carpet Installation

At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we love installing flooring and carpet that fits within our Decatur clients’ budgets, as well as their schedules.

Carpeting is a beautiful addition to any room in your home that will add a whole new layer of design. Getting to those results in the most effective way possible is important to us.

Always offering free no-obligation estimates for services, competitive rates, and schedules based around your availability, Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair’s dedicated team is ready to go for every new project that comes our way.

So, when you’re considering installing carpet in your home, give us a call!