Cork Flooring in Athens

Whether cork flooring is new to you or you’ve been invested in having it your home for many years, you’re going to need a skilled team of flooring professionals to install it for you.

At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we have been working with cork, installing it in the homes of hundreds of Athens clients for years.

Not only can we install it efficiently and at competitive rates, we’re up on all the latest design to help get you inspired and create a floor that really stands out from the rest.

Stop your search for cork flooring companies today. Give Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair a call!

Naturally Beautiful

Cork is harvested sustainably from trees that don’t have to be chopped down to provide a harvest. Living hundreds of years, these trees have no more than 50% of their bark removed so they can stay protected and keep standing for a good long time.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly flooring options, cork is at the top of the list.

Cork tiles are also unique in that they provide comfort as you walk. Don’t worry about the hard impact of a tile floor, this soft material cushions every step.

Our Athens clients agree that cork is an attractive and comfortable flooring option.

Efficient Installation

Having worked with fork flooring so long, at Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair we can install it perfectly on the first try. Don’t worry about a botched DIY job, we know what we are doing and can perform a high-quality cork flooring installation without cutting corners.

But when it comes to cutting price—that we can do. With the most competitive rates in Athens, you can feel good about investing in your new cork flooring, and the Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair team.

In-Home Estimates

Whether you’re building from the ground up or doing a renovation, we’re going to be working in your home, so why should we meet at our offices?

Once you set up a meeting with us, we’ll work around your schedule to visit your home and provide a free, no-obligation estimate for services and materials.

At this time, we can show you the cork flooring options we have available, different colors, as well as interesting designs and methods of installation. At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair we pride ourselves in thinking outside the box, and always going the extra mile for our valuable clients.

Enviable Flooring in Athens

Want to impress your neighbors, friends, and family? Invest in cork tile flooring. You’ll be helping the planet, helping your home, and giving yourself an exciting new design element to show off.

When you’re looking for a company that knows the local industry inside and out, and is constantly learning and growing to provide better services for their clients, look to Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, our team arrives at every job with a smile on their face and won’t leave until you are fully satisfied.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our dedicated staff members, book a free in-house estimate, and let’s get building!