Whether you’ve just purchased an older home, or inherited one from a family member, one of the best things about your new old home will be the hardwood flooring. Many house-hunters are on the lookout specifically for hardwood floors throughout that haven’t been replaced or covered in carpet.

But when you find your dream home and it’s almost perfect except for the floors that aren’t quite there yet, it’s time to call Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair.

As hardwood refinishing professionals, we’ve dealt with every situation you can imagine, and have a solution for it all. No matter what shape your floors are in, we can bring them back to their original state!

Make an ImpressionWith Hardwood Flooring

Considering giving up on that dull, scratched hardwood? Think again. Hardwood flooring will take your home from attractive to enviable, and when you work with Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, you don’t have to break the bank sanding and refinishing hardwood floors.


Carpet is known for trapping dust. Wood floors are not. Breathe easy when you invest in hardwood.


That hypoallergenic quality is maintained easily. Why you can polish your floors, it’s not necessary. Just sweep or vacuum when needed, and refinish them every 5-10 years as required.

Even if your flooring is older and you’re uncertain whether or not it can be refinished again, refinishing hardwood floors without sanding is something the Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair prides ourselves on being able to do. Book a free in-home estimate for more information!


Hardwood flooring has been around since the early 19th century. Most of it has survived, too. Wood floor refinishing will brighten it up, bring it back to life, and allow it to survive another lifetime.


Why cover up your beautiful floors with carpet or worse, tear them out and replace them? Refinishing hardwood floors is the most eco-friendly choice. You’ll be working with a natural product, and not using any new materials.

New Floors vs. Refinished Floors

With the options for new hardwood as well as laminate flooring, many of our clients ask the question: “why not new floors?”

At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we’re invested in providing the best products and deals for you, honestly. New floor installation will take between two and four weeks, while refinishing can be complete in three to five days. And when it comes to cost, the difference is upwards of $3,000. That’s no small amount!

When we come to your home to assess your flooring, if it is too thin, in bad condition with multiple scratches, dents, and screws, or if pests have been or are currently eating away at it, we may recommend a new floor installation—but most floors can be refinished easily.

When we’re finished with your vintage hardwood, it will look just like new, if not better!

A TimelessTransformation

Give your home a timeless transformation by refinishing instead of replacing. Hardwood floors have been popular for hundreds of years for a good reason, and with a variety of stains you can make yours as unique as you like to suit your home’s style.

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