Hardwood Refinishing in Decatur

Some of us dream of purchasing that beautiful old character home, and others inherit a family residence from their parents or other relatives. While hardwood flooring can be a big selling point in older homes, it can also be difficult to know what to do with if it requires refinishing.

At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we’ve been refinishing hardwood in Decatur for many years. We use tried-and-true techniques to take that dull lifeless floor back to its glossy bright glory.

Refinishing hardwood floors is our specialty, and every member of our team is passionate about what we do. Hardwood floor restoration brings back to life a little piece of history, and makes it the strongest design element in your home.

A Company That Cares

At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we treat wood floor refinishing like historical restoration. When it comes to older, more delicate flooring, refinishing hardwood floors without sanding is a service we offer.

Fully licensed, we always aim to practice fair and honest procedures and believe that transparency is an important factor in hiring any contractor.

Hardwood refinishing may only take 48 hours, but the process needs to be done properly or you’ll be paying for the mistakes with a lot more funds than it would cost to just get it done right the first time.

We’ve restored hundreds of floors in Decatur and can work within a timeline and budget, without cutting corners.

What to Expect

We’ve always operated under the belief that clients should have all the knowledge that we have made available to them. While hardwood floor restoration doesn’t take as long as many other home reno projects, we will work closely with you to ensure we’re achieving the look you have in mind.

However, we do recommend that you calculate plans to be out of your home when you’re considering investing in these services.

Lack of Space

Unless we’re restoring the floor in a small unused room, you’re going to have to sacrifice space in your home while we work. Rooms in which floors are being refinished will be completely unusable.

Dust and Fumes

Allergic or not, dust and fumes from the stain and other materials we will be using on your floor is not good for you, or any animals or children in your home.

When we have our first meeting with Decatur clients, we assess their home and advise our cost estimate for three expenses: materials, labor, and staycation. If you do choose to stay in your home while we work, we recommend locking pets in rooms away from the work, and avoiding them yourself.

We’ll Transform Your Home

Not everyone gives a lot of thought to floors until they fall into disrepair. At this point, covering them up with a carpet may seem like the easiest option, but it is not the best.

At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we’ll work together with you to bring out the natural beauty in your hardwood flooring. When we’re through, you’ll be left with enviable floors that add so much more to your home than you could have expected.

Give us a call today to hear more about the amazing options available to you!