Carpeting and Flooring in Huntsville

During their lifespan, floors take quite the beating. Being constantly walked on, maybe even run on, they are faced with high heels, spills, and more. Because of this, it’s important to have high-quality residential flooring installed, or at least maintained, by a seasoned professional.

This is where Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair comes in. Serving Huntsville for many years, our knowledge as residential flooring contractors is vast.

As well as knowing all there is to know about flooring, we have an excellent handle on carpeting as well. While we love nothing more than to see a beautifully kept hardwood floor, we know that carpet is an amazing way to cover up ugly floors—and it helps insulate your home as well!

Next time you’re in the market for residential flooring installation or maintenance, give us a call.

Wide Variety

When you’re looking for flooring services, you need a full-service company that can supply you with all the knowledge and skill needed for a smooth installation or high-quality maintenance and repair job.

Cork Flooring

When you’re looking for an eco-friendly flooring option, cork is a great choice. People don’t always think of this material for their floors, but it’s durable, and resistant to mold, mildew and termites. Anti-microbial as well, if you suffer from allergies cork could be your savior. Cork is fire-resistant, and creates a comfortable feeling when you walk on it. And, it doesn’t just have to look one certain way. At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair we love providing Huntsville clients with options outside of the norm!

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a classic and impressive choice when it comes to flooring. If your home already has it, our team is well educated in restoration. We’ll assess your flooring to determine if we can sand and refinish, or if you require new flooring. And, if you’re considering installing new hardwood floors, it’s well worth it. Once we’re finished the job you’ll have those floors for life.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is hardwood flooring’s more affordable cousin, and is different in that you can have it installed in kitchens or bathrooms due to its composition. Laminate is easy for any hardwood contractors to install, and provides you with a lot of color and sizing options.

Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring is one of the most impressive steps you can take in flooring. Modern or old-world, indoors, or outdoors, patterned, or a smooth, single color, the options for stone are many. There’s no denying that stone floors are exquisite. They’re also eco-friendly, and once they’re installed, they aren’t easily damaged.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is no longer just that retro flooring your mom had in her kitchen. It can be made to look like many other surfaces, and is simple as well as affordable to install. Ask us about the vinyl designs we can find for you!

Reliable Residential Flooring Contractors

At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, our work always comes with a guarantee. We’re not satisfied until you are!

Hundreds of Huntsville homeowners have benefitted from our installation and repair floor services. Give us a call and let’s talk about your new, or soon-to-be like-new, flooring.