Laminate Flooring in Huntsville

Huntsville homeowners have old homes come to them in a variety of ways. Whether you dream of a character home and finally have been able to purchase one, or have inherited it from a family member, these homes are likely to come with hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful design element in any home, but if they have fallen into disrepair, many wonder what to do about it. At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we have the answer!

Hardwood floor restoration is something we believe in. If you’ve never seen new hardwood flooring, you’re going to be shocked at how much it adds to your home. By the time we’re through with them, your once dull, old planks will be the focal point of any room!

Why Refinishing is Better Than Replacing

Many homeowners’ first instinct is to tear up their dull, splintering, hardwood floors or just cover them with wall to wall carpet. This is a mistake. When we’re finished sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, you’d never recognize them as the same floors they started out as!

Through sanding and staining, hardwood refinishing will not only give your room the style it was lacking, it will ensure that these floors last another lifetime.

There are many benefits to wood floor refinishing. Hard wood floors are hypoallergenic. They don’t trap dirt and mites the way carpet does and are easy to clean.

The low-maintenance option, you don’t even have to mop hardwood. Just sweep them once a week!

And of course, restoring hardwood floors is the sustainable option. Don’t invest in more materials and energy to tear up hardwood when you have a perfectly good floor to work with!

Is My Floor Too Far-Gone?

While the majority of hardwood floors can be refinished, we have had many Huntsville clients concerned about whether or not it is possible with their floor.

There are several factors that come into this:

  • Thickness
    Older floors may have been sanded and refinished multiple times already. With the wood wearing down, there’s only so many times this can be done.
  • Condition
    If there are minor scratches and stains, this is not a problem. However, a floor full of screws is not ideal to fix. Tearing them out will sacrifice stability.
  • Wood Species
    Some hardwoods are softer than others. Some materials are made to last decades and some are not.
  • Pests
    It goes without saying that a floor full of pests whether current or past, could have irreparable damage.

Beyond these factors, we have been able to restore more Huntsville floors than we’ve had to replace.

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Did you think your hardwood floor was too far-gone for there to be any hope? At Slaten's Flooring & Home Repair, we have the skill, tools, knowledge, and years of experience to bring nearly any hardwood floor back to life. We are even able to restore hardwood floors without sanding.

To find out more and book a free in-home estimate, give us a call today. We’ll come and assess your floors and get to restoring them in no time!